Why Tents are Popular in South Africa

South Africa is one of the leading marquee tents producers in the whole world which produces more than 70% of famous stretch tents and marquees. South Africa is a rich country with different cultures and play hosts to a large number of the industry of events, and tents are a popular choice when it comes to outdoor events. South Africa’s population are largely black and there has been speculation about the largely missing demographic in camping or caravan sites across South Africa, which is something more common in the northern hemisphere but remains fairly limited on our borders. This stereotype still remains largely unaltered and it seems that marquees and tents are used mainly for entertainment purposes or for funerals, weddings and other popular outdoor events instead.

Choosing the Right Tent

There a number of tents to choose from and it does take a bit of research before considering to buy or hire a tent. You should know what type of tent you are looking for based on your requirements and specifications. The most popular tent in South Africa is peg and pole tents, which bears a low cost and are used at funerals, field churches, non-profit events, weddings and more. Stretch tents are another popular type, it has so many advantages from its easy installation to a custom design. Most outdoor events have a limited space to project a marquee, however, the great stretch tent makes things much easier with its simple assembling, extremely lightweight and much easy to manoeuvre around uneven spaces and take just a few men to erect the tent in no time at all.


Most ordinary South Africans can’t afford to buy a brand new tent just for a single event, however, they are most likely to hire out popular peg and pole or resilient stretch tents, which create a spectacle for weddings and other functions outdoors. Aluminum frame tents are widely used for commercial events but are not popular among ordinary South Africans, as it is quite expensive, takes up a lot of space, and sometimes requires professionals to install it.

Tent Sizes

The most common standard sizes are 9m x 12m which can accommodate up to 100

guests, however, depending on your requirements but you can request a custom design from the manufacturer to cater to your function needs. Here’s an indication for stretch tent capacity:

  • 5m x 10m – 40 guests
  • 7m x 12m – 70 guests
  • 9m x 18m – 150 guests
  • 9m x 30m – 250 guests

Do note that the above is based on a banquet setting style. If you are utilising the cinema style then you can approximately double the capacity based on the above guideline. Do be clear about this in order that you purchase the correct size to accommodate your guests.

Materials Used

To prevent it from rusting or breaking down to ensure that the poles are galvanised and are 100% steel. This means it will last longer and keep its original form. The PVC material is destructible and flame retardant as well as 100 % water repellent and water resistant. We strongly recommend a heavy duty material:

  • for long-lasting use
  • 100% waterproof
  • Made by polymerizing vinyl chloride (PVC)
  • UV stabilizing material to protect heavy sunlight

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