Marshmallows and Stars: Loving Moms Go Camping


Nepal Himalaya with most of world’s highest mountains makes the country a premier adventure ground for all types of activities from hiking-trekking-mountaineering to boundless of outdoor sports.

Regarded as world best trekking country the Nepal Himalaya, where travelers can join in for various types of walks from moderate-adventurous to challenging trekking facing constant views of high giant mountains.

World Best Trekking countryAccording to CNN – even teenagers think they use their phones too much. And a great way to get away from technology is on a camping trip. But to go camping you must plan, in particular, if you want to take your children. These tips will help you plan your camping trip.

Start by getting the children involved with planning the trip
Children will always be more interested in any activity they can participate in. And you will fuel their curiosity by having them plan their camping trip. Have them choose the location and research the history of the area. Use social media such as Instagram to find interesting photos of nature. You can even have them learn how to identify plants and animals they may see on the trip.

Make the first camping trip in a nearby location such as your backyard
Camping can be stressful even with the most experienced campers. Such as my friend Teena who woke up to find mice in her camper. Forcing her to sleep in her truck. You can tip-toe into camping with your kids by choosing a nearby campground. And it can be a lot of fun to make the first night under the stars be in your backyard. This way if there is a need to go to potty – they can do in the comfort of their own toilet. Or if a little one is scared by the sounds, they can retreat to their bedroom if it’s a must.

Triple-check your list before you leave for the great outdoors
The last thing you want to do is be out in the woods without your toilet paper. While you may decide to camp near a city or even in a fancy campground with a store, it’s better to make sure you have everything you need before you leave. Because we all know things always seem to be more expensive when we must have them than if we bought them ahead of time. Make a checklist of everything you need. And meticulously follow it. Don’t forget to pack extra items like batteries and underwear.

Take plenty of photos and video
While you don’t want to have people on their phones playing games, surfing the Internet and chatting with friends, use your phone to capture the photos you want. And of course, take plenty of videos. You will cherish these items when you want to reminisce about the trip in the future. I wish we had more photos of camping when we were younger.

Choose a nearby campsite
In particular with little kids on their first campout, pick someplace close by. You don’t want to take away from the fun by having them get antsy waiting to get there. While you may not live in a permanent campground like my friend Teena (mountains of New Hampshire), many of us live within 2 hours of fantastic locations. Even here in the DFW metro area – within a couple of hours, I can get you into piney woods. Or the small mountains of southern Oklahoma (Teena would call them large hills, but technically they are mountains).

Mother nature can be nasty
Make sure you check the weather before you leave. Rain and cold can either be the best time to camp or the worst time to camp depending upon how well you prepare for it. If you are traveling in tornado season make sure you have a weather radio and talk over with your family about what to do if you encounter severe weather. Don’t forget to check the guides to make sure you don’t plant your tent in a flash flood zone.

With some careful planning, you can have a fantastic adventure in the great outdoors with the kids. Use the tips above to make the most out of your trip. Your kids will have memories that will last a lifetime!

By planning, it’s possible to make camping into a fun and affordable family holiday trip. The tips in this article will make it easier to maximize the enjoyment and reduce stress. And provide memories that your children will want to pass on to their children. Nepal and its high Himalaya offers wide-range of trekking destinations from few days to a week or more of two to four weeks with enjoyable and fascinating time in the comfort of nice cozy lodges or with camping facilities with excellent arrangement accompanied by expert guides showing you the wonders and magic of Nepal Himalaya country.

Nepal with many various destinations to choose from popular scenic trails to off the beaten tracks in complete wilderness within remote pockets of Himalaya in close harmony of world’s highest peaks including impressive cultural villages on route to your exotic destinations.

Trekking in Nepal Himalaya from Far East to Far Western region, where most of the famous trekking areas falls within country Mid-East and Mid-West Himalaya region where one can plan and choose as per your holiday duration and physical fitness.

For interested travelers Trekking Nepal Himalaya offers remote destinations as well around Far East and Far West including some areas of Everest and Annapurna region as well on the least explored areas within pristine and undisturbed country.


Annapurna region one of the foremost adventure destinations from few days to a week or more with ever present views of massive Annapurna Himalaya range of peaks in the comfort of nice country lodge with warm hospitality of the native villagers.

Annapurna region offers wide range of trekking destinations as follows:

Ghorepani and Poon Hill

Starts from Pokhara second biggest city of Nepal after Kathmandu, a scenic touristic place blessed with natural beauty in the shade of Annapurna Himalaya that reflects on its serene lakes.

A short walk of ups and downhill encountering nice hill villages full of culture and entering enchanting woodland of tall rhododendron trees, this trek famous for walk to Poon Hill at above 3,210 m high rewards you with stunning sunrise views over chain of Himalayan peaks.

A moderate grade with climb and descend of 3-4 duration with excellent accommodation and meals with grand panorama of mountains.

Annapurna Base Camp

Begins from scenic Pokhara, where one can trek for a week a more to reach in the heart of Annapurna Mountains at its base camp within picturesque sanctuary enclosed within array of peaks, the highest spot at base camp above 4,130 m high where lodge provides excellent accommodation with great meals of your choice.

Annapurna Circuit

One of world’s top Ten adventure destination walk leads with drive from Kathmandu following Marysangdi River right up to its glacial source at scenic Manang high valley enclosed with array of peaks, an interesting trek from low warm areas to cooler alpine hills and at remorseless fields of ice and glaciers at high Manang full of rich Buddhist culture and lively traditional life.

On this walk involves high pass over Thorang-La to reach southern areas of Annapurna and into green country and walking past world deepest gorge of Kaligandaki River valley.

This Annapurna Circuit trek with several options taking a drive and walks and then trekking North and Southern sides of massive Annapurna range a moderate to adventurous walks of 12 days to 15 days or more.

Other areas of Annapurna in least visited areas:

Mardi Himal:

Mardi Himal a week trekking in remote areas of Annapurna to reach at the Mardi Himal base camp beneath towering South Face of Machhapuchare Himal also known as Fish Tail due to its twin summit peaks.

Kopra and Khair Lake:

A marvelous walks that leads you to off the beaten tracks within Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains on high and scenic ridge and hike to holy glacial lake of Khair at an altitude of above 4,560 m high facing tremendous views of Western Himalayan range of peaks within remote and isolated region north west of Annapurna, a moderate to adventurous walks of a week to ten days duration.

Everest Region Trekking:

Everest Base Camp:

Everest region offers Everest base camp trekking of two week duration to reach at the base of world number one Mt. Everest with climb of scenic Kalapathar hill top at 5,545 m high facing incredible views with Everest at close distance.

A cultural and scenic trek involves walking on high altitude above 3,000 m to 4,000 m high with side walk to reach high view-points in great comfort of nice lodge with warm hospitality of Sherpa people interwoven with Buddhism and fascinating colorful custom.

This trek includes short flight both ways from Kathmandu to reach at Lukla and back to Kathmandu.

Gokyo Valley:

Gokyo Valley trek leads you to its emerald colored lakes hidden within high peaks of Cho-Oyu and Cholatse a wonderful walk into Gokyo valley with climb to its scenic view point of Gokyo-Ri 5,357 m facing world four highest peaks Everest, Lhotse, Cho-Oyu and Makalu.

Gokyo Valley starts from Lukla after a flight from Kathmandu, which is least trekked area than popular Everest base camp.

Gokyo Valley and Everest Base Camp Trekking:

Same route to beautiful Gokyo Valley crossing high Tsho-la (Cho-la) pass at above 5,367 m high to reach at Everest base camp, an adventurous trek of two week duration.

Everest Three High Passes:

An adventurous trekking three high Kongma-la, Tsho-la and Renjo-la all above 5,300 m passes offers super panorama of peaks with visit to Everest Base Camp and scenic Gokyo valley then ending at Thame quiet Sherpa farm villages, truly a high altitude walks with awesome views.

Everest Panorama Trekking:

A short moderate walk with touch of high altitude above 3,867 m at scenic and beautiful Thyangboche with its interesting colorful and lively monastery, surrounded by green alpine woodland and series of mountain range with Everest and majestic Amadablam.

A trek of week durations a perfect walk for all age groups and interested trekkers with short duration of time in Nepal with opportunity to view Mt. Everest and local Sherpa culture.

Classic Everest:

A classic and original route to Everest base camp following the old trail on the footsteps of legendry mountaineers late Tenzing Sherpa and Hillary with drive from Kathmandu to start the trek and flying back from Lukla, of more than two week walks with interesting time around Solu to high Khumbu valley.

Langtang Himal Region:

Langtang Valley:

Langtang Himal region the closest mountain range from the capital Kathmandu, where walk leads to scenic and beautiful Langtang valley at Kyanjin enclosed within mountains a moderate walks of week duration includes overland journey both ways to and from Kathmandu to reach at beautiful Langtang valley.

Langtang area and on route where you explore villages of Tamang hill tribe interwoven with fascinating Buddhist cultures where rare and endangered Red Panda often seen on walks.

Langtang and Gosainkund:

Langtang and Gosainkund Trekking where drive includes both ways adventure starts first visiting beautiful Langtang valley and then towards holy Gosainkund Lake involves high Gosainkund pass above 4,600 m to reach back to Kathmandu valley rim, after 10 to 12 days walking duration with magnificent time on Langtang and Gosainkund trekking.

Tamang Heritage Trail:

A country walk observing local culture around Tamang village with age-old heritage of Buddhism religion facing scenic views of mountains where walk leads close to border of Nepal and Tibet.

Nepal Mid-West:

Nepal Mid-West includes Tsum Valley and Manaslu trekking, a superb country where Manaslu trek slowly getting popular which involves high pass to cross over Larke-la at 5,211 m high to reach within Manang area.

Tsum Valley a beautiful country to visit on least ventured areas by other trekkers exploring its time-less villages hidden between great Manaslu and Ganesh Himal interwoven with impressive culture of Buddhism.

Other areas of great interest:

Far Western Nepal Himalaya with various destinations to choose from exciting and scenic Upper Mustang where you can explore once forbidden kingdom of Lo-Manthang the walled village / town, located on an extension of Tibetan large plateau.

Around Dhaulagiri another adventurous walks within world 7th highest Mt. Dhaulagiri at 8,167 m reaching its base camp and crossing high French pass of 5,348 m to reach at Hidden Valley and then flying to scenic Pokhara from Jomsom.

An adventure of two week duration with impressive and thrilling walks around massive Dhaulagiri range of peaks.

Upper and Lower Dolpo another interesting trekking around Far Wild West Himalaya takes you to incredible country in the land of snow-leopard, blue sheep where people practice ancient Bon religion, a pre-Buddhism. Includes flight both ways to reach Dolpo and back to Kathmandu.

Rara Lake further west walking includes both way flights to and from Kathmandu to reach Far West Nepal within country’s largest and most beautiful Rara Lake, a trek of 2 week duration.

Far Eastern Himalaya includes world’s 5th highest Makalu and walks to its base camp starts with flight from Kathmandu entering warmer low region and heading high past Arun Valley to reach scenic Barun Valley and at Makalu base camp, in total wilderness of high mountains.

Far Eastern Himalaya where travelers can walk to world third highest Mt. Kanchenjunga base camp visiting both its south and north base camp, a longer duration adventure of three week duration full of scenic views and interesting walks into remote corners of eastern Nepal Himalaya.

Besides all trekking region listed there are more, where one can request for special areas trekking, where customize and tailor made itineraries can be arranged and organized to suit family-school / collage groups or corporate to other interested trekkers.

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