Best 6 Things to Do in Cairo

Best 6 Things to Do in Cairo

Here we share for you the best 6 things to do in Cairo. So, if you are gonna visit Egypt, keep reading!

1- Travel Back In Time At The Pyramids Of Giza

Well, these need no introduction really! The Egypt pyramids are located on the Giza plateau, on the west bank of the Nile. It includes three pyramids of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaure, which were built about 25 century BC. They are the royal tombs of each of which bears the name of the king who built it, The pyramids here are the stage of the development of the architecture of tombs in ancient Egypt. The pyramids are one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt. Egypt’s three pyramids are one of the most important seven wonders of the world and one of the largest gas history of ancient and modern and the most important tourist places in Cairo. Our Cairo layover tour includes a fascinating trip to the pyramids of Giza.

2 – Make Your Wishes Come True At The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is one of the largest and most famous museums in the world, located in the heart of the Egyptian capital Cairo from the north of Tahrir Square. It is one of the first museums in the world to be established. Unlike the museums that preceded it, the museum houses more than 150,000 artifacts, most notably found in the tombs of the kings and the royal footnote of the Middle Dynasty in the Manchurian era. It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Egypt. Our Cairo city tour will take you to explore the treasures of the museum with a professional tour guide to explain the entire information about each part inside the museum.

3- Enjoy Cairo Sights From The Surface Of The Citadel

One of the stunning things to do in Cairo is transferring to the Citadel. The citadel was constructed on top of a plateau during the 12th century by Sultan Salah El-Din, the ruler of the city in this time, to be strong repel from crusader attacks. There are several prefects attractions located within the walls of the citadel, including three mosques, the Police Museum, and Al-Gawhara Palace, the Egyptian Military Museum with a display of fighter planes outside. The Citadel is well worth witnessing for half a day or so, relishing the silence and car-free streets.

4 – Visit Muhammad Ali Mosque

The amazing twin minarets of the Muhammad Ali mosque Cairo are the most prominent feature of the citadel, visible as soon as you approach from downtown Cairo. The mosque is definitely a highlight of a visit to the citadel – from the gorgeous alabaster-covered courtyard to the carpeted interior, amazing lit with lightbulbs suspended from the roof, the style of Muhammad Ali mosque was simulated for the blue mosque of Istanbul in Turki. So, if you are staying in the united kingdom and need to book a trip to Egypt, so our Egypt tour packages from the United Kingdom provides spectacular Egypt tours with affordable prices and best services.

5- Tour The Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Khan el Khalili is the large open-air market full of stores selling the stunning Egyptian antiques, vases, lamps, clothes, silverware, scarves, papyrus, perfumes. Yes, it’s quite touristy – the kind of place where the Egyptian sellers are competing to attract you into their stores with their marketing statements, and you should be ready to either bargain hard, or pay an inflated price.

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6- Discover The Churches And Unique Atmosphere Of Coptic Cairo

Coptic Cairo is the perfect panacea for a way of the Islamic quarter and Downtown Cairo. The area is the oldest part of Cairo, dwell continuously since the 6th century BC, and it remains the bastion of Christianity in Egypt to this day. It’s a quiet place, with no noise and traffic, perfect to wander around on foot. The most famous landmark is definitely the Hanging Church, the reason for this name because it was constructed on top of the passage of a Roman fortress, suspended over the ground. Part of the floor of the church is made of glass, allowing visitors to witness the Roman gatehouse below. Right next to the Hanging Church, there’s the Monastery and Church of St.George, one of the most important beautiful Greek Orthodox churches. If you find yourself in Egypt, Check our Egypt day tours which provide enchanting day trips to the best attractions of Egypt in separate days.

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Well, what you feel if I tell you that you can explore all the above 6 attractions of Cairo in 4 days.

It’s true through our 4 days in Cairo tour, you will discover the historical sites of Cairo such as Giza pyramids, the Egyptian museum, Mohamed Ali Mosque, Khan El Khalili bazaar, and the Coptic sightseeing. All you have to contact us and reserve a 4 days Cairo tour with a private A/C car and an expert tour guide. Or check our Cairo day tour to find the various trips which you can do from Cairo city.

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