4 Tips For Hunting in A Ground Blind

Depending on the time of the year turkey hunting or deer hunting could be just around the corner. We all know what that means, it is time to get our ground blinds together and out. Here are some tips for hunting from you ground blind.

First, making sure you choose the right location. Trying to find a natural structure to piggy back off is always a good idea as it might block one side but it can help blend your blind in better. Maybe finding some downed trees with limbs forming a perfect “V” is a perfect place to place your blind. You want to make sure you are finding the perfect location and placing your blind out there months before season opens so it gives the animals time to get familiar with the blind and won’t spook off when season opens.

Second, making sure you have concealed you blind in good. Using debris that is already on the ground is the perfect way of concealing from animals or humans. You always want to use the brush around you and getting it from other areas since it was already on the ground. Having the same brush or limbs around your blind as what you place it in will help conceal it even more and not make it stand out to animals or humans. Like if you are hunting in a bunch of pine trees, you want to make sure you are using pine tree limbs and not oak tree branches. You will stick out to every animal or human that is looking your way.

Third, make sure you have cleared all the leaves and fallen branches out of the way. Last thing you want is having that monster buck or tom coming and you against to get a shot and your foot steps on a leave or branch and makes a noise and scares off that monster. Bringing a rake with you when you are setting up your blind will make it easier to get all the leaves and branches or sticks out of the way and you will have a nice quiet floor for your ground blind. Another idea to silence your ground blind floor is getting a piece of high traffic carpet. It has a rubber bottom and high traffic carpeting on top, plus it is very light. The two positives for this way is that it provides silence so you don’t have to brush anything away and it provides a barrier between the cold ground and your boots to help you stay warmer.

Fourth, choosing the right clothing to wear inside your blind. Most people would think to wear camouflage clothing but that can actually hindrance your looks than benefit from it. To make sure, you are not a silhouetted sitting in your blind, you want to make sure you have at least one side of your blind closed up. That way it will look black in your black to whoever looks in there and wearing black clothing will help you blend in better. Deer might be colored blind, but they can see patterns and in a big black background with a human shaped camo silhouette is a sure way to get busted.

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